Well I'm getting my wii modded and was wondering a few things
1. Should i continuiously update my wii (via online update) or should i not.

2. Can I keep my wiiconnect on 24/7 or should i turn it off

3. Anyone know of a site that has started to compile a list like Wii Region Patcher Compatibility List - WikiTemp
but has information on d2ckey.

4. Similar to the above, anyone know if any pal games that dont work with the d2ckey?

5. Should i mainly stick with NTSC/U games since i bought the wii in Canada? (to not get it bricked)

6. Does wiiblockbricker do anything if i continuously do it to an iso? (incase i forgot if i did it to the iso or not)

and thats about it for now thanks again