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Thread: Okami Backup -- not loading --- help

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    Okami Backup -- not loading --- help


    Trying to get Okami to work... When i load the DVD-R it just puts the screen green and... stucks... please help

    Im using:
    - FW 4.1 (hacked with the tutorial in this forum).
    - Neo Gama Backup Loader R7, IOS249 Rev 14

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    Okami green screen on wii

    i have the EXACT same problem!

    -i have 4.1E wii
    -neogamma R6, IOS 249 (Rev 14)

    when i load okami.iso(PAL) that was burnt to a dvd-r disc it loads a green screen and freezes.

    i have to manually power off and restart.. any ideas how to fix this? will be much appreciated!

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    Joining the question... i have the exact same thing and would be happy for any help.

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    Ditto, same problem here.

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    maybe you need to install ioses 38-53-55

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    I think I have 38 that came with the ios249 install, rev14. But where would I get 53 - 55?

    Thanks for the help btw

    Edit: never mind, the search tool is better than I thought, hehe. Gonna try this when I get home tonight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    maybe you need to install ioses 38-53-55
    Had those installed, still no go.

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    Yeah, I'm getting the same thing. I know my burns are working cause my sister has a chip and the disc works for her. It must be a compatibility problem with Neogamma.

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    Same thing

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