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Thread: wiikey2 solderless install problem

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    Angry wiikey2 solderless install problem

    when i put in my wiikey 2 solderless and power up wii the lights flash like normal but the cd drive dosnt spin but when i take it out the drive spins fine

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    Ca Seated properly

    Make sure the clip is seated properly, You have to push hard on it while still being gentle. Did you try to run it with the case opened? Sometime it's too tight with the chip in and keeps the drive from spinning.

    I assume you got yhe wii clip if it's solderless, who did it for you, you can always take it back to them.

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    i got it today and i installed it and i have had this problem from the start hasnt worked once and i havent closed the case since i installed it bc of this problem

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    What exactly did you get? Clip and chip? did you solder to the chip or chipped soldered on?

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    i order the wiikey2 already solder onto the wiiclip from

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    the letter/numbers where i put the wiiclip on is gc2-dms i that makes a difference

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    Well I never heard of them and they are not on the recomended list so I can't say how good their work is.

    Did you reconnect the drive cable properly without pinching it, make sure it's seated properly.

    When you ordered it, did they ask which drive you had so they can solder it properly, it will make a difference.

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    no but my serial number is LEH10514538[5] THE GC2-DMS is the name on chip on my wii not the wiiclip or wiikey

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    The issue is on the WiiClip.. I had at leat 20 guys come up to me with the same issue..
    Sorry to tell you.. but your WiiClip is done.. the only way you will get that Wiikey2 to
    work is by removing off the WiiClip and installing it professionally. "Soldered" ...
    Have a good day brother..

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    how do u mean my wiiclip is done i only got it today

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