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Thread: Wii Does not turn on

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    Wii Does not turn on

    Hello friends,

    I was just about to play some Wii today and I noticed the standby light on the power button was not lit, and I knew something was wrong at that moment. I pressed the power button and nothing happened. Please help.

    My Wii is a 3.2U with WiiKey2 chip. It worked perfectly fine for about 7 months now.
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    So the power led is not showing red, green or the standby colour?

    Check the mains plug fuse.

    Check the power connection going into the back of the Wii.

    The power supply might be broken, is it warm at all? If you can check the power brick is outputting the necessary voltage as stamped on the side of the transformer. I would use a multimeter in situations like this, don't forget to probe into the power connection that goes into the Wii and not the mains voltage side.

    A process of elimination is involved here.

    I've never heard of a Wii getting so totally bricked that it can't even show the red off colour.
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    Yeah, the standby light was not lit at all. I did a search and no one had this problem.

    So i figured it might have been the WiiKey where a solder point became loose. So I decided to open up the Wii and take a look. When I brought the Wii to my room, I decided to power it up again to check, and what do you know, the standby light came back on.

    So I guess the problem's solved by itself.

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    I had that happen to my wii after thunderstorm and i unplugged the supply for awhile and then the wii worked again

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    It may have been the wall outlit.

    or maybe it wasn't plugged in


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