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Thread: Help Please - Can't find the answer I am looking for

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    Question Help Please - Can't find the answer I am looking for

    It could be I just can't see it or understand it.

    Probably a silly question but is there a way, like to download a code, or something that will allow you to play you Wii Sports via wifi?

    I would love to play baseball with my family who live hours away.

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    That is a silly question, if the game is capable of that then there would be an option in the game menu. Or the back of the game box would say it too, or the Nintendo web site may even have that information.

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    Well I know that people are always looking for ways around things, like copying DVD's and downloading music, so I thought that someone out there would have worked out a way to do it.

    So I don't think it is too silly, but I thought it was worth asking.


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