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Thread: Cant's Access System Menu - Loads Pre-Loader

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    Unhappy Cant's Access System Menu - Loads Pre-Loader

    I Downgraded from 4.0 to 3.2e, Installed everything I could (didn't really know what I was doing) HBC was working fine, then all of a sudden my Original games never loaded up, always said "Disk Read Error, See Manual..."

    So I thought if I could update with official firmware then this problem would go, So I started updating, and I dont know whether it finished or not.
    Anyway now when I turn my Wii on it goes straight to Pre-Loader, and when I try to access System Menu it says "System Menu File not found.."

    I tried installing Two Wads :"IOS30-64-v1040" and "SystemMenu-v290"
    they installed sucessfully but it still says the message and I'm stuck at Pre-Loader.

    Someone Please Help

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    wut firmware r u on now?

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    I dont have a Clue.
    How do I check from pre-loader?


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