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Thread: A few questions

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    A few questions

    Ok, I'm a little behind times. I modded my wii a long time ago with some of the original TP hacks and anyways I went to upgrade my mods today to play some new stuff (resort).

    I have an original Wii from launch date, 12:01 midnight deal.

    Well, I updated fine, I have system menu 3.2u atm. I have HBC, and wad manager channel.

    I'm trying to get a R7 channel but the wad manager 1.4 is giving errors (ret -1 on retrieving sd card file list, I don't see how it can be the sd card as I used the same one for installing everything else) Any insight? the SD is formatted as "FAT" (fat16), the .wad is in root, r7 is at :/apps/NeoGamma/boot.dol

    im running cIOS38 r14.

    I also have BootMii installed as boot2, i've backed up my NAND (this is a nice feature, wish i had it back when i originally did this crap lol)

    Other questions:
    1) whats up with my wad manager, anything I can do to make this channel?
    2) What is Preloader? I understand that it allows disabling game update checks but other than that I'm lost. Can I install it with 3.2u menu system?
    3) What is this boot from disc channel stuff? is it useful? hard to reverse? is it better than using r7?
    4) Is there any reason to update to system 4.1 or any reason not to? (stick with 3.2u or update)
    5) What is cIOScorp? I really don't understand the need or use of it.
    6) What do the USB loaders do exactly? I don't understand how to use it or what it does and I would love to get more use out of my poor Wii (I may have 100 hours logged on the entire system since opening it.. counting multiple users)

    AS OF NOW all my games and accessories are working, and I don't really play online.

    Yeah sorry this is post #2 and I'm asking a boatload of questions. I've been searching the forums all day (how I managed to get updated in the first place) but I just couldnt figure out these exact things. Anyways answer whichever ones you can please and thanks for your time.

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    the .wad file goes in sd/wad/ not the root
    go here for the wad manager channel WAD Manager Channel 1.4-WMC1.wad
    preloader is a brick safety measure and is reccomended or bootmii
    and yes u can install it on 3.2u
    i dont use auto boot
    u can update to 4.0 or 4.1 to get to use the sdhc sd cards and play vc/wiiware games off of sd card ya thats about it
    cioscorp lets u play back ups from disc channel u can get it here
    usb loaders load games from a usb hdd or thumb drive , loads faster than the disc , quieter to i have a 1TB wd external hdd with 200 games on it so far and its not even half full if u get 1 get gx loader one of the best out there right now u can get it here Downloads ?(USB Loader GX)?

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    thanks so much for the information!

    i'm an idiot thanks for fixing my issues with stupidity XD (/wad/)
    since im using bootmii is there a purpose in preloader?
    i dont have a SDHC atm so i dont know if i'll bother with that..
    200 games? geez, i cant even find 200 games for the wii worth downloading LOL are they wiiware stuff? whats vc mean?

    answers leading to more questions im sorry!

    i have a 32gb thumb drive i may use though. i have a 1tb external but its rather full XD.
    question about the booting off usb - does it just load a flat iso or do you extract it?
    im gonna go read about cisocorp more so if the answer is obvious just ignore this question haha

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    bootmi n preloader is both good in there own ways u can get to preloader if u brick your wii and bootmi with a nand back up can get u out of a brick to

    the 200 games r all wii games i have wiiware and vc(virtual console) games on my sd vc = genesis/nes/snes/tg16 and also roms for the emulators

    ya it boots an iso u can use the loader to copy the disc to thumb drive or pc to thumb drive u need the thumb drive to be formatted to wbfs the loader will format it for u if not use (wbfs manager 3.0) on your pc

    cioscorp is alright not that great but try it u might like it

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    I think that back in the day cIOSCORP earlier version was called RiskiiMii or something like that, then it went to softmii, then the is no more and now their website has a different name, can't keep up with all the name changes. I don't see how it's useful since any game I have (all 130 of them) installed to HDD works great. From what I read about cIOSCORP, it alters all the IOS's on your NAND, so if you install it then bootmii brick recovery is a good idea. If your stuff is working, no need to screw with it.

    USB Loaders allow you to rip games to a USB hard drive thats plugged into your Wii. It does it faster than Wii Dumper. Expect a dump to take anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 minutes (maybe longer for SSBB), depends on the game. The reason it's quicker is the USB Loader removes all the junk data and it also removes the disc update. Your HDD needs to be formatted to WBFS format. If you are looking to buy a HDD to do this then I think that Western Digital would be a good selection, do some research though before you buy. I found a nice tutorial on how to install a USB Loader, click here.
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    that clears up everything except
    do i need 4.0/4.1 to use a HDD/USB loader?
    or is it ONLY for SDHC support (not gonna buy a SDHC anyways)

    not really interested in VC (i have a PC for that sorta stuff) and i'll consider strongly a hdd, i have a few old ones (some 160gb WDs and a 320gb somewhere) that i can format - i'll play with those and see if its to my likings.

    preloader sounds like it cant hurt to have, just extra security... i'll go ahead and add it too.
    cIOScorp doesnt sound very useful to me either.

    oh yeah, have they made anything to save GC games to the wii or a SD yet?

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    You don't need 4.0/4.1 to use USB Loader, I'll upgrade only when I have to, or the ultimate setup comes along, I think they're getting closer to making one. I don't have a NAND backup or brick recovery, yet.

    No support for game cube on USB Loaders, still have to use the old way of burning a disc and a back up loader to play it.


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