Just wanted to make a thread and get some peoples favorite custom class builds and how they play them. Include primary, secondary weapons and grenades and the 3 perks used. I just wanna get more options because I only play one build right now but wanna try others.

My build i currently use is
Primary weapon: Thompson with round drum
Secondary weapon: MP40 with dual magazines
Primary grenade: Frag
Secondary grenade: smoke
Perk 1: Bandolier
Perk 2: overkill(hence the 2 primary and no sidearm)
Perk 3: Deep Impact

In team battles I am usually the first to go in with a smoke grenade and run in and try to get as many kills as i can. I usually run towards opponents in a zig-zag spraying bullets their way. I am pretty good at aiming while moving so i get plenty of kills this way.