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Thread: Softmod wii, occasional Exception (dsi) occurre

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    Question Softmod wii, occasional Exception (dsi) occurre

    Hi All,

    i have softmodded my Wii, 4.1E, all works great HBC, USB loader GX (am able to play backups but when dumping from the wii it sometimes throws the (dsi) out too, then it will comlete the dump the next time, very inconsistent) all work , BUT sometimes it out of the blue when closing or exiting an app in the HBC gives me the exception (dsi) occurred and freezes the console

    i have searched but nothing seems to be along the lines of it doing it occasionaly..

    could anyone advise on what it could be??

    many thanks...

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    can i add that it gives me that "error" and freezes the consoe sometimes when i exit an NES game on an emulator on the HBC..


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    I have the same issue: time2time the system going to "exception (DSI) occured"
    after restarting wii the same application works well.

    Easy reproducible via "signcheck" (75% executions are failed).

    4.2U, LU65, softmod, nochip, Priiloader 0.1, HBC 1.0.6, cIOS38r14 (IOS36 downgraded by TBR).
    Backups are working well through neogamma backup loader.
    (All the exceptions were under applications started from HBC,
    no issues from original DVD or Neogamma's R6 DVD backups)

    Does somebody has something similar?

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    Its a crash. Don't know what causes it, but its the program crashing. Your wii must not have something it needs to run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HEROXOOT View Post
    Your wii must not have something it needs to run.
    But the same "signcheck" works well in 25% cases :-)
    anyway, I'll try to figure-out what is wrong there...
    forget to say first time, I have Priiloader 0.1 installed.
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    taurus I too have similar to you screen shoot, being a newbie I made a new post on this issue then searching on exception I found many posts. I have not read through them all but your situation is much like mine I had a virgin 4.2U LU605 I just softmodded HBC 1.0.6, and cIOS38r14 I also have bootmii as IOS and Hermer cIOS 222 rev4 and the mod guide had me run dop-ios on IOS70 using IOS36. I got the exception once when I using HB browser and then once playing a game downloaded from browser. I have not tried any of my purchased games see if this error come up as I have just modded and used the HBC will post again if I hear anything.

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    Hi I also have this error but it is intermittant, I think it has to do with homebrew centre trying to launch a network connection because hbc would not install IOS 236 on my 4.3 without internet connection

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    I also have the same issue. Really frusttrating

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    Wow, two bumps to a thread that is over a year old.


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