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Thread: Searching for Metroid 3 PAL by marker

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    Question Searching for Metroid 3 PAL by marker

    Hi, I checked all my sources, but i cant find a metroid prime 3 dvd label for pal disc by marker.

    Marker makes very nice labels with big wii letters at the bottom ...

    if anybody can help me out ... thanks

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    I found the NSTC version of the one i want:

    can anybody make this PAL?

    I dont have photoshop now so i cant do it myself

    you would copy the age label from the dvd cover
    resize it of course and get a pal loge, both can be foudn here:

    how can i find "marker" himself??

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    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    nope, they are all different there ...

  5. #5 doesn't work, the website is ****


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