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Thread: Can somebody make a Healthii Screen for me..?

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    Can somebody make a Healthii Screen for me..?

    I've pretty much confused myself with it beyond compare, notably because the Healthii files I got did not work with a guide I found talking about it. If anybody wants to help me make the file though, you can give me some tips.

    I'm running Healthii 1.1 (First one I found, so I used it).

    BTW, this is the picture I'm using. (I'd rather run the Default Press A)

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    what sys menu/region rohit?

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    Hey Dogeggs, think you could get me a health screen with healthii? I tried it but I failed at getting it to work. If you have the time, think you could throw me one together.

    NTSC (US) 4.0U

    I have the two pics here. They are the proper size.


    If I helped you out, Please Thank me vvvv>


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