Hi all,

I posted this in the wrong forum first time round, so hopefully this is the right place!

first off..... excellent forum...thanks

I have a 3.1E which was originally hacked using Zelda, i have just updated so that I can use the USBLoader, these are the file names that I used to update. (after update I am still on 3.1E)

GC Backup Launcher 0.2 Donkhe - GCBL.wad
SD USB Loader-USBL.wad
Wii Backup Launcher 03g Wiiish v2 EN.wad
cIOS36 rev10 Installer
cMIOS rev3 Installer
WAD Manager 1.4

What I want to know is what software should I use incase it bricks later on? I have brickblocker, but I am not 100% sure what I should do with this (will it do the nand backup for me)?

hope all the above makes sense to someone out there...