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Thread: Forgot password to usbloader gx

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    Forgot password to usbloader gx

    I forgot the password that I set for usbloader gx and now I don't know what to do. I've tried the default password, and a bunch of could-be passwords but none work. I have r709 revision and have taken the usbloadergx folder out of my sd card and replaced it multiple times with no effect. Help please?

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    I don't know anything about USBLoaderGX, but with experience in computers, there might be like a config file located somewhere with the password stored in it. I mean it has to keep a record somewhere of what the real password is to check against what you type in.

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    hi mate how did you resolve your password problem?

    i know my password and i even went to the config file to double check it, whic is the same but everytime i try to unlock USB loader gx it comes back as incoorect password. what is the best option now? is it safe to uninstall usb loader and install new one?


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