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Thread: Usb loader Gx channel

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    Usb loader Gx channel

    i have just installed usbloader uneo (channel) and when i press start it goes into the loading thing with usb loader gx and then it goes black and retuns to the system menu nnow i fixed it by renaming the folder in the apps but now it code dumps

    i have installed
    wad manager 1.5
    Usb loader gx
    neogamma v5
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    it seems no one wants to help out peeps like us ! yeah they will say (with any responce) go to the tut's like we did, that sucks....... I like u (I pressume) have done that & it doesn't work! we know it is simple to config. an SD card
    SD (root):
    apps/USB loader GX v1.0 (then change to) boot.dol or boot.elf
    apps/CIOS (whatever No.) (then leave it or changed to boot.dol or boot.elf
    then if u wish to add any apps then one can.......

    thats straight forward, & even if its wrong we changed things around & check the tuts....
    simple, but when it goes pear shape, no one respondes with any tips..................


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