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Thread: D2C chipped seems to semi work

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    D2C chipped seems to semi work


    I just got my wii modded yesterday. It is a newer wii so its a D2C chip i used. The problem is, when I insert a copy of a game it only loads the game intro. My wii can read what is on the disc, but when I press start game it stops reading the disc, and the screen goes black. I cant turn of my wii when this happends so I have to pull the plug on it.

    Anyone had any problems like this before ? Sure could use some info on this

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    Do you use correct region? Quality media? Newest FW?

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    firmeware of chip and wii itself

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    hmm probably not
    Im not sure what I need here... most of the things I have read about are mostly about GC games

    I just need wiikeyupdate 1.9b ?
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    you dont have a wiikey...


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