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Thread: Neogamma R7?

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    Neogamma R7?

    Quick question: I have neogamma r6 and i hear there's a neogamma r7. Is it good to update? if it is what are the benefits from r6?

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    hi i have never used any neo gammer before, but i installed r7 and it played backed up games like wii sports resort which would not start before

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    If you want to know the benefits from updating:


    R6 - > R7:

    - Increased timeout to 30 seconds
    - Cleaned up code for decrypted discs
    - Hopefully 100% working gamecube disc detection now
    - Cleaned up code for video modes, gamecube games are started with the selected video mode now
    - Changed rebooter behaviour, hopefully works for all system menus WITHOUT preloader attached
    - Removed 001 main.dol patching for alternative .dols
    - Removed Anti 002 fix
    - Removed dirty fix for Wii Sports Resort
    - Added alternative .dol loading from usb storage
    - Alternative .dol loading from storage now loads .dols with 6 and 4 characters
    - Fixed error that prevented to load games after receiving an error in a previous loading attempt
    And you do not need R7 to play Wii Sports Resort, you can play it with R6 by following:

    if nothing is broken what's the point of fixing it? If your R6 is working you dont necessarily have to update.

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    Us install NeoGammaR7 wii rev 4.ou

    have a question,
    i have my wii moded already but, i want to know how can i install, NeoGammaR7 on my wii with rev 4.0u ?
    or is it possible?
    thanks in advance

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    It is possible. As a channel, find the wad for it, put it in your wad folder that should be on the root of your sd card and use wad manager to install.

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    where can i download the neogamma r7? how do i install it? what requirements do i need?

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    where to download?

    Where is the best place to donwload Neogamma R7 with installation instructions?

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    we are filled with noobs suddently....

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    neogamma r7

    hi can anyone tell me what i need to do i have noegamma r7 on the wii some games will play but others just freeze will a black screen

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    {{fail removed}}
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