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Thread: Wasabi Zero install questions.

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    Wasabi Zero install questions.

    I've taken my Wii apart, but now I'm stuck in a few places. First off, I have no idea how to tell what model my Wii is. From the serial number, WiiTracker says it's a D2C model. But it also talks about cut pins and gives me some kind of colored graph. I have no idea what that corresponds to. I also got a white sticker with the wclip. I don't know what that's for. Holding something in place? After it's in, is it secure? The guy in the video I saw just slapped it on and sealed the Wii up. Is that going to hold?

    Also, when I took off the DVD cover, some small plastic thing fell out, I didn't see from where. It looks like some kind of air filter. I can't figure out where it goes though.

    I have a solderless btw. So maybe this should go into the 4th gen thread, sorry about that.
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    I just installed my wasabi zero yesterday haha. Mine did not come with the white sticker, though I suspect it is to help isolate your chip from short circuiting. I personally just used electrical tape. Also, if you look on top of the "black chip thing" that you are supposed to install the clip onto, it should have a kind of serial number on it. Mine said GC2-D2C or something like that, I can't recall. Also don't force the clip onto the chip, it may seem like it won't stick on at first (I had to try at least 10 times) but there is an exact position it needs to sit before you press it on for it to firmly attach. Otherwise you run the risk of it just falling off completely once you reassemble the wii.

    I had that same problem with the filter thing, but after analyzing some pics and disassembly tutorials I figured it out. That black filter stands vertically upright, with the "ledge" part up (with the 2 tabs) and facing inwards to the internals. It sits on the outer rim touching (or almost) the right of the aluminum chasis that protects the drive (this part just lifts off). It should be easy for it to stand like that because it rests against some sort of tab or ledge on the border.

    Hope this helps,


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    Oh ok, I see where it goes now. What is it even filtering? In any case, that's dealt with. So how did you put the tape on? All I have is people's written descriptions, and I don't really understand them. Do you stick the tape over the clip part to hold it down?

    Oh, and sorry for the late reply. It's not my Wii, so I didn't really have access to it for a while.

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    No clue what it filters haha, maybe it's just an air vent for hot air to escape, not a filter. I put electrical tape covering the entire bottom of the chip (flat side), not including the clip. This is to prevent it from short circuiting if it touches the board underneath. After you get the chip clipped on, you should also loosely tape over top of the chip and clip so it doesn't accidentally fall off. I also put tape on the metal shell of the drive cover, right where it would sit overtop of the chip, so it doesnt short itself out if it touches the top cover as well.

    No problem, advice isn't on a time limit.

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    Alright then. I'll just tape it up

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    Make sure its electrical tape


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