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Thread: USB Loader GX V 1.0 cannot load !

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    Unhappy USB Loader GX V 1.0 cannot load !

    Newbie herem yes I have checked out all the tuts. but no help... mod ver DSUN1.3a solderless, system v4.1E after update over the net.

    I have HBC on the menu, np there, click & load lots of stupid stuff but the important stuff like USB Loader GX V 1.0 - WiiTDB - cIOS38_rev14-Installer.dol etc. don't work. click on loader gx v1.0 it hangs the system, try cIOS38 configures until the end ERROR! (ret=-2011), this is driving me mad. It is 01:10 in the morning, & this has been going on for 4 days & it still is not working, & it seems nobody here has a solution or any input on this

    burn disc np, but all I want 2 do is play games from the external HD connected to the USB port, but this cannot be done unless I get USB loader GX 1.0 on the wii

    I have had the wii since 17/01/08, modded around 20/01/09, just recently installed hbc & some apps................

    Help anyone ? maybe v4.1E has done something to the wii system, I cannot tell has I haven't done this before.............

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    Have you tried this tutorial, wiihacks/easy way get cios any wii.

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    Stomp 442 thx thx thx thx.......... I have just read the lot & it sounds Blo*dy, but I have to wait & get a Gamecube controller don't want 2 brick my kids wii, if I do I will have 2 obtain another.............

    This weekend I will b on the case........... again THX m8............

    p.s. so sorry for the over the top post, got so frustrated over this....

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    Good morning Stomp 442, has I said I would b on the case this weekend............... & guess what it worked .................... I am so happy, you sir pointed me in the right direction, I read, took not & commenced, it took around 15 minutes + now set up with a 40 GB IDE laptop HD, I am now coping a few games to is. Wicked, the only thing which I cannot getat the mo, is the themes, but that shouldn't take me along time to work it out, I gather one has to point it from the SD card etc.
    Again (kind) Sir thank you, my kids are going to love this tomorrow morning (its 00:40 am) I am of to bed.............

    Thx uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Almost forgot, anything you don't know please have a look here at the wonderful tut, which Stomp 442 linked me to CLICK HERE
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