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Thread: Adding Neogamma r6 to sofmodded wii

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    Us Adding Neogamma r6 to sofmodded wii

    Forgot to include the wii is currently using backup launcher....This is a noob here so take it easy on me. I got my sons wii softmodded about six months ago. The guy lives an hour away. Problem is I have been burning games and he was able to play...NO PROBLEM!!! Obviously one of the g ames I downloaded messed up something because now several of his other backup games that used to work...won't. Jasons34 gave me some sound advice and came to my rescue. My question is if I install neogamma r6on this wii...will I mess up anything. The wii is version 3.2 and has the homebrew channel installed. I know that I will have to read up on installing wads etc. in the tutorials just wanted to know if there was anything else I should be weary of before I begin this journey!!! Thanking you in advance.
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