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Thread: Punch Out (PAL) Problem

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    Us Punch Out (PAL) Problem

    I have an NTSC-U Wii and using Neogamma R6. I could get past the title screen, but when I choose to load my profile it gets a disc read error and tells me to refer to the wii operations manual. I tried to eject it and put it back in, but it still shows me the disc read error screen. Can somebody please help?

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    Same Problem

    Did you ever get this to work I am having the same exact problem I've tried patching it two different ways and have used both dvd+r and dvd-r media. if you got this to work, please explain how.

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    I managed to get Punchout to work 40% of the time, I have to use softchip (another backuploader) and enable the function to disable error 2. But I think its because I didn't burn it right, it could just very well be that.

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