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Thread: HELP: Cannot load any usb/iso homebrew programs!!!

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    HELP: Cannot load any usb/iso homebrew programs!!!

    Alright folks...

    I spent the whole day trying to get this to work. I installed the homebrew channel (easy) then I used this guy's guide to installing the correct wads and etc. I even downloaded a seperate program to downgrade to cios36 v10. After going through a whole different mess of instructions I was finnaly able to get rid of the 2100 error message and install CoverFloader "correctly". I then used a program on my PC to shrink/format a Wii ISO onto a jump drive to test it out on my newly hacked Wii. But, to my surprise CoverFloader fails to boot and the Wii resets to the dashboard. I then attempted to use various different ISO loading software for the Wii such as USB Loader and etc to no avail. I also can't get WAD manager to boot from the dashboard. AND when attempting to run USB loader v1.1 i get "error: custom IOS could not be loaded! ret = -4100"

    So as of now I am officially stuck... any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    BTW I am running the 4.0 U version of the Wii dashboard.
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