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Thread: Wiikkey update bluscreen

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    Wiikkey update bluscreen

    Evening all

    I have a wiikey v1 currently on 1.9g
    wii is on 4.1 wanikoko update running usb loader with rev 14
    have neogamma installed and ran wii sports resort via alt dol method and now runs via usb flawlessly.

    my problem although not major just annoying is i cant update my wiikey to 1.9s in any way shape or form, when i run the frimware upgrade i hear the sega jingle, no pic then resets to blu screen i have to pull the plug to reset the wii.

    Iv tried about 6 diffrent burns it just wont update the wiikey, any help, more info needed??
    cant run the config disc either
    have also down graded to 3.2 still the blue screen when trying to upgrade??
    restored via nand backup to 4.1 help

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    1.9g and 1.9s are almost exactly the same, all they fixed was SSBB issues
    so if the game is not working on 1.9g its not going to work on 1.9s
    You might can issue with the softmodding you have done conflicting with the wiikey

    neogamma...isnt that a dvd loader?


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