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Thread: Will I be safe to play this?

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    Will I be safe to play this?

    Hey guys,

    I recently got my wii modded with a Wasabi zero and I was wondering if I could get some help in regards to a specific game. I want to download and burn [WII]Naruto_Shippuden_Gekitou_Ninja_Taisen_EX_3_[JAP].rar.4604276.TPB] (name of hte torrent).

    I was wondering if I would be alright to stick this in my wii. I have the option enabled that stops the game from updating my system, but once this happens from what I understand I have to stick in a new game from my region. Would one of the newest games be something like the conduit?

    Also, if I use a program like brick blocker and region free, can I just avoid all of the hassle all together?

    Also I was wondering if all games in general include some kind of an update, if not, is there some kind of list out there informs people as to which games have updates and those that do not?

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    You can use Wii ISO Utilities (WIU) to remove updates from the ISO image before you burn the game. That way it's completely gone off the disc and you never have to worry about it anyway. When you load the ISO, the program will tell you if there is or isn't an update on the disc. If there is, all you do is click "Patch" and that's it. Easy as pie.
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