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Thread: wheres the old tp hack gone

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    wheres the old tp hack gone

    alright guys might sound daft not done wii in a while but when i did i used old twilight hack i know there is a new tut out but gonna read up on it later but my mate looking for his to be done just now i prefer to do it the old way just now til i read the new tut can someone point me in direction of the tut and files thanks in advance

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    Tuts and files for the twilight hack are somewhere in the tutorial section somewhere but if your wii is not 3.4 or under im afraid you'll have no choice but to use the bannerbomb exploit. You use these guides to mod the wii using bannerbomb:

    Hope this helps

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    If you perfer the TP hack then look here at

    The tutorials are in the tutorial section, there's one by ChrisChown, and another from admiral victorinox. Like Shadow says, if the system menu is higher than 3.4 then you are sol. System menu 4.0 killed the TP hack, it will never work on 4.0 or higher.

    If the wii you are hacking is 4.0 or higher then read this warning.


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