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Thread: Complete Noob In Need!!!!

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    Question Complete Noob In Need!!!!

    Hi, i have a wii modded with a wiikey, it is currently running 4.1E. I really want to start installing VC games, I need a guide to do so. Also i am worried about bricking my wii, can i still update my wii using the wii update on the console? I need to know what risks are involved and what i need to do to keep my wii updated but still play my downloaded vc games.


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    If I were you, dont install vc games, but use an emulator to run them instead.

    In order to do so, you need homebrew channel (go look up how to install it). Then, go download whatever emulatators you need from here List of homebrew emulators - WiiBrew and put them in seperate folders inside a folder called apps in the root of your sd card.

    Now put all of your roms in the correct folders on you SD card (for example if you download fceuGX [its a nes emulator], you put your roms in a folder on the root of the sd called fceugx). Its pretty simple.

    You can also install them as channels, but you will need to download wad manager (look it up), put in into apps folder dot dot dot. Then download the .wad files that you want to install (ntsc for usa, pal for europe - pretty obvious) and put them into a folder called wad on your sd card. Open HBC, run wad manager and then instal your wads. This isn't recommended because you can get bricked if you installl a bad wad, but its a very low chance.

    When doing this, i recommend you dont update with nintendo, and instead, use waninkoko's updaters so you dont get bricked no matter what. Also, i would install preloader so if you do get bricked somehow, by holding the reset button on boot, you can run homebrew channel.


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