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Thread: Banner Brick with drivekey possible solution?

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    Banner Brick with drivekey possible solution?

    Hi, not sure if anyone can help but I'm at my wit's end! My 4.0 (EUR)wii is stuck after health and safety.
    Can get to recovery mode with gamecube controller but can't get any further. tried universal unbricker v2 etc but can't get it to boot.

    if i remove my drivekey and install in working wii and then enable autoboot in config menu, will this help me once back in bricked wii?
    any help or possible other solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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    do that, then put it back and try an autoboot wad manager disc to remove the bad wad - click my sig an look under isos

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    Many thanks, I'll give it a go later today. Last time I ever install any wad files.
    This was the file: NeoGamma R5.wad

    All this hassle just to play games eh?

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