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Thread: Help with making my wii a Virgin

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    Help with making my wii a Virgin

    Please can someone help me, I softmodded my Lu64 wii and I couldn't get GC backups to play so I want to make it a virgin. I did NAND cleanup and preloader is still there. Whenever I run AnyTitle delete I get an error 1017.. PLEASE SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used Dogegg's guide on how to make my wii a virgin and I can still boot into preloader, and I don't want to uninstall any ios until I delete preloader. I get the AnyTitle deleter DB error -1017 is that anything to worry about? Nandclean says preloader is gone but I can boot into it. wtf why.. I'm sorry I'm just so frustrated I worked all day on this thing..

    God bless anyone who can help me.

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    Please anyone?


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