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Thread: Packet decryption

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    Packet decryption

    Hey im chris, and im new here,
    I have a question, did someone here ever tried to decrypt the wii packets?
    If someone has the decryption and encryption, we could (or i) build a proxy,
    and make emulation servers. So we can emulate the wii server, i have no idea how the wii connects yet we got our wii today and my little brother is playing :P all the time.

    But if anyone knows please tell me, it would be cool right.


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    dont think it would be just as easy as sniffing packets to find out how it connects as if i was it would have been done already
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    Im sure it is not that easy, but if you have a global proxy you could atleast check where it connects to, and then write your own proxy.
    Try to decrypt the encryption which is the longest part.

    I may be write it as it is easy, but i know it isnt. I have enough experience for that.

    ill inform here if i got some info or progress.


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