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Thread: moving app from homebrew channel

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    moving app from homebrew channel

    hi , i was just wondering if their was an easy way to move neogamma from the homebrew channel onto the main wii channel page?

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    Install NeoGamma as a channel, that's it...
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    What you need to do is make a wad using a .dol

    Find, Download and install Wadder from the forums at:
    WADder News
    Use the dol and insert your own banner etc. Then put it in the wad folder in the root of your sd card and install it using wad manager.

    Or download it from here (courtesy of dogeggs)
    NeoGamma R6-NGBL.rar

    Unzip it and put the wad in your wad folder and use wad manager

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    i cant get wad manager to work im on 4.0 it gives error -1


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