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Thread: USB loader GX - 002 fix/anti global issue?

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    USB loader GX - 002 fix/anti global issue?


    I have some questions about usb loader gx. I'm using latest cIOS rev14 & SystemMenu 4.1.

    When I set 002 fix on in global settings, it doesn't apply to all games. Why?

    What is the difference between "002 fix on" and "002 fix Anti"?

    Can I put 002 fix on games that actually don't need that fix (can there be some problems, although I run those games regulary with/without fix)?

    Than you very much in advance

    Is there "the best" revision of usb loader gx? I've noticed that in some version (r630) RedSteel alt dol works OK, but in newer revisions (i.e. r707) it won't start...
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    ya i would load games with default settings and the ones that give u the oo2 error just appy the fix to them , most of the games dont need the fix turned on to work and ya 630 is stable but im on 707 and it works just fine for me 4.1U and rev14


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