I'm trying to free up as much space on my 2 Gb SD card as possible now that I have my USB loader working correctly.

What I'm trying to do is get an ISO image that I can copy to USB loader GX that includes a SNES emulator with a selection or ALL Snes games on it.

I currently have it working via the SD card. I know I could partition the HD to store them on a normal windows partition but don't want to risk 80 Gb of Wii games already stored on it. The full 160 Gb is purely for the Wii.

Any SNES / Megadrive etc ISO images that I could get that work from DVD or USB loader. The smaller the better so I can use a ISO editor and inject my own game into it?

Been looking on google for days but with no luck.

Others like PC engine, GBC, GBA, Scumm would be great too.

Best regards