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Thread: Mario Kart - Looking for fun Multiplayer Ocarina Codes

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    Mario Kart - Looking for fun Multiplayer Ocarina Codes

    Hey, Im looking for cheat codes (are they called Ocarina codes?) for Mario Kart. Not the kind the help me win WIFI, those and they're pretty cheap, but Im looking for fun ones for split screen multiplayer like:

    • Everyone always has star (sort of a turbo race)
    • Everyone has the same chance at items (so instead of 1st place always getting a bannanna, he has an equal chance at a bullet)
    • Everyone only gets green shells (sort of a sniper race).

    I play a lot of 4 player split screen with buddies and it would be nice to be able to customize the options a bit more, Nintendo really dropped the ball by not letting you customize more stuff.

    Is there a place to look for these codes? Ive googled but I can't find much besides some crappy youtube videos of people cheating online.

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