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Thread: usb loader gx 1.5 rev 700 black screen problem when reloading

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    usb loader gx 1.5 rev 700 black screen problem when reloading

    hey guys i have a slight problem, all the games i have work no err2 or anything the problem that i am having is that when i load a game and play the exit out and try to load another i just get a black screen but here is the funny thing if i reset my wii i can then reload up usb loader gx and the game will work any idea's heres what i have :
    Wii lu64
    system menu 4.1 updated
    Cios rev 13 and rev 14 ( both do the same thing)
    ciso 60 installed
    homebrew installed
    130 games on a westren digital
    200 vc games on a 8gig sd ( by it self not on the homebrew/cios sd card)

    i am having the same problem on a lu57( which is identical to the lu64 in updates and cios) wii as well
    i quick response would be great thank you all so much

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    more information as wee

    also i forgot to add silly me, if i press the home button and it reset then go back into usb loader then i can load another game but if i click on the wii menu and go stright back to the menu and then load usb loader gx then i get the black screen

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    Got it working

    Hey all I got it working just reinstalled cios 13 and then reinstalled cios 14

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    which did u install last ? gx loader doesnt like rev13 try installing rev14 again if u dont have it here u go rev14.rar i had the same problem with 13 so i went from 12 to 14


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