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Thread: reinstall softmod

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    reinstall softmod

    hi all
    sorry if this is in the wrong section, i am still only learning about the softmod(trial & error most of it)
    anyway i softmodded my sisters wii ciso rev 8 and everything was working fine, playing backups ect. but i have tried to install rev 14 and not knowing what im doing really all the back ups have stopped working. because i dont want to brick her wii is there a way to uninstall the softmod and start again eg: installing twilight hack, homebrew ect to the version i know works as she was happy with it
    any advice is much appreciated

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    To return your wii to its original state use this:

    And the twlight hack is a bit outdated, so you can use bannerbomb, try this:


    There basically the same, all thanks go to DogEggs for the guides
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