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Thread: Running USB Loader with a Wii & Mac formatted Partitions

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    Running USB Loader with a Wii & Mac formatted Partitions

    Hello - sorry for a bit of a noob's first post, but can anyone help me with what is hopefully a simple question...

    I'm planning to buy a 1TB external USD hard drive, what I would like to do is set aside 100GB as a partition for Wii USB Loader use and then the other 900 or so GB as a Macintosh format partition.

    Has anyone ever done this?

    I know you have to format the HDD via the Wii, so what I'm hoping is that I can format 2 partitions on my Mac, then be able to re-format just one partition to HBFS (or whatever it's called) on the Wii.

    100GB for Wii
    900G for Mac

    Thanks for any help!

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    I dont know of anyone who has done this but there are programs for both windows and mac to format your partition into the WBFS Format, you could try googling WBFS Manager or look on gbatemp because that is where i saw it.

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