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Thread: Help, i'm so stuck. 3.2e which update?

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    Help, i'm so stuck. 3.2e which update?

    Hi, I region changed from Jap 4.1j to PAL 3.2e using homebrew.

    All went well, system settings and menu english. Just drive not working.

    I want wiikey set as PAL and regionoverride ON.

    I cant get it to read 1.3 config in either PAL or JAP.

    PAL 1.4 config sortof crashes, i see a glimpse of disc menu then screen goes blue.

    I ran 1.9s PAL config...while my system was still JAP...just before the region change......IN ORDER TO AVOID THIS..LOL..

    What do i try, i'm 12 coasters deep so far.

    run 1.9s PAL again...1.9b PAL...1.9 JAP.

    OR 1.4j in order to change region override...then 1.3 PAL...would that worK? SO confused right now.

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    I think, you need to use the config disc THEN use a PAL game to set the region.

    All else fails get yourself a Wiikey2

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    hey, yeh I might have to

    Have tried 1.2 config, also bails after gamecube logo and split second of menu.

    Have tried 1.4 again. Have tried changing back to 2.2e and trying everything again.

    Tried 1.9b recovery there and didn't work...argh. Was hoping could then just do 1.2 config after that.

    If i went back to NTSC-J and changed something would that help. I think i still should be 1.9s PAL as loaded that before changing region. If I changed back to NTSC-J now would I still get these errors? What do I do....can you load configs via homebrew??? Is homebrew what's stopping these wiikey updates?


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