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Thread: Direct Download Compressed ISOs?

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    Question Direct Download Compressed ISOs?

    Ok heres The Story: I Quit GBAtemp Because Nobody New What They Were Doing. Anyways I Just Burnt Mario Super Sluggers And It Runs Fine (Just A Little Lag In Cut Scenes, But Only Last 1-50 Miliseconds). I bought 75 Memorex
    DVD-R's (Dont tell me there crap because they run fine) But I Have The problem That Torrents Are SUPER SLOW. I Was Wondering If There Was A Site Where I Could Get Direct Downloads In a COMPRESSED ISO. I Dont Want Parts And I Need Them For NTSC-U. If You Can Help That Would Be Great!

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    Try Searching around TehParadox, i've seen direct downloads from there before:
    tehPARADOX.COM Online Sharing Community

    If you do decide to use torrents, to get fast downloads try torrents that have alot of seeders and little leechers.

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    The only direct links you will usually find are always split into parts because most free upload sites have a file size limit, so it is necessary to compress the file into small portions.

    As most iso's are generally over 1gb compressed there is nowhere to host the full file.
    There are a few that fit into this limit but not many i.e WSR and WiiMusic

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    ya check it out(NTSC-U - Wiiso) these r compressed and scrubbed i would go with the MF files just cause they r faster and smaller all isos r in rar some have 2files others have 44 takes about a half hour to an hour better than waiting 2days for a torrent with 2 seeds and 354 peers

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    Go to and search for "hippyfreaks iso only thread". He has over 500 downloads (some are dublicates). They are all in parts. the parts range from 1 download to over 40 downloads. Obviously the 40 download games are smaller in file size for each download but the ones that are 20 downloads and below will usually be around 300mb per download.

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    I Downloaded jDownloader And It Works Great Guys! I Just Got Mario kart! Thanks


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