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Thread: fix wiikey after regionchanger v1.1

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    fix wiikey after regionchanger v1.1

    I've changed region from 4.1j to 3.2e. I ran 1.9s for Pal before changing region as was advised...but cant get 1.3 PAL config to read, and 1.4 PAL config crashes the blue screens and wii doesnt reset it stays on.

    What do I do, I'm stuck at finalising this region change.

    Do I run 1.3 config for Jap...and change region to ON...then try 1.3 PAl again?

    Anyhelp appreciated.

    Also all my menus are english, settings etc...but mii channel is japanese...will i get an english version at next update?


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    I'm extremely stuck with this now. At 3.2e and also 2.2e i have tried 1.2 config and 1.3 config and 1.4 config PAL. 1.2 and 1.4 display gamecube logo then crash, no signal blue screen. 1.3 refuses to read disc.

    Any advice, tried 1.9b recovery and nothing. Tried 1.9s PAL and that doesn't work...a working disc...but just shows gamecube logo then crashes.


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