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Thread: Newbie needs help to understand the wii

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    Newbie needs help to understand the wii


    So that's how it goes: have wii with cios249 and 3.2u.

    1. when installing the wad it gives me this messege "this app is not a valid wii application" how do i solve this problem.

    2. what do i need to put app on the wii and not on the sd and how do i do that.

    3. for some reason can't backup my wii with bootme (read that in the new versions you can't do it) is it still valid?

    4. how can i change my cios 249 to the new cios and to get the wii resort work?

    5. what appdo i need to deal with that, as i'm not a computer knowhow and do this only for my babykid

    any help would be appriciated

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    1.The dol file may be bad, try downloading wad manager from a different source.
    2. If you mean turn the app into a channel and put it on your wii:
    Try WADder News and download wadder
    3. I've read that all wiis can have bootmii but newer versions can only have it as an IOS not as boot2
    4. To update your cIOS249 just install the lastest one, it will automatically overwrite the old one. (the latest is cIOS38 rev14)
    5. To upgrade your cIOS249, google cIOS38-rev14 Installer
    6. use this to get wii sports resort to work:
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