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Thread: Wii Brick 4.1E Preloader/Wad

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    Wii Brick 4.1E Preloader/Wad

    I bricked my wii with a wad and when i start it has a black screen and i cant even boot into preloader

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    Can you get into HB channel

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    no i get black screen when turning wii on and i cant even boot into preloader

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    i am in the same boat i have been doing alot of reading on this and looks like untill someone finds a cure my only option is to buy a new system

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    Did you guys hold in the reset button after turning on the power... should boot into preloader.

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    yeah that doesnt work, i made the mistake like alot of people here a deleted the ios60 wad which is the system menu. tried the savemiifrii GC controller trick and nothing. i think i am SOL till someone figures out a work around.

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    sorry but you are retarded! why would you delete ios 60?! yeah but to put my two cents in you are out of can get a repair cheaper than buying a new one

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    The guy made a mistake hes not retarded the only guy that didnt make any mistakes was nailed to a cross so the story goes
    I think your out of luck if you rebooted i got lucky and realised what id done reinstalled it before reboot i think its a repair job sorry


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