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Thread: Rock Band DLC Error 204704

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    Rock Band DLC Error 204704

    Hi all, I softmodded my Wii back in Feb and have firmware 3.2u and cIOS61. My question is, when I use the RB2 DLC hack I can download one or two songs but the majority give me the error 204704. I have search around and I get the feeling that its a Wii Shop problem so I tried to update the Wii Shop Channel but it continually fails to update. Do I need to upgrade to firmware 4.0 to upgrade my Wii Shop? I am really nervous to upgrade to 4.0 and don't want to if I don't have to. Can anyone think of another solution? I also tried using the RAWKsd custom tracks but all of the ones I have made say that its "outdated", do I need an update in my firmware for that as well? Thanks in advance to anyone that has any suggestions or insight.

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    Try installing the rawk sd patcher.

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    same problem

    i delete the rock band 2 DLC's icons from saved data on wii

    sorry but i have another problem

    i cannot download any rockband DLc son and my DLC's allready have it i cannot play that songs


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