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Thread: What if the Wii lose power while I softmodding it?

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    What if the Wii lose power while I softmodding it?

    I have this question. What will happen if the Wii lose power while I softmod it? Will it brick the Wii? Thanks.

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    All depends on what stage your at. If you are simply installing a cios or homebrew, then no it wont brick, youll just have to re install it. If you are downgrading or doing anything that involves your nand, weather its installing overtop of your nand or reduing your entire nand and the power goes out, yes youll brick it. Youll know what will brick your wii when it gives the "caution" before you start the processing saying not to power off or reset the wii. This doesnt mean if your saving something to the wii and it says not to power off the wii. That only means that youll either ruin the sd card or the save will be corrupted. Understand?

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    use BootMii to make a backup of your NAND onto an SD card. It's relieving.

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    i cant access Bootmii because the controllers won't function on the main menu. After initial boot, controllers only work with the home, plus, and minus buttons.

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    Controllers dont function in the system menu where all the channels are? Or they dont function in the bootmii menu? Could you be more specific please.

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    Yes, they don't function in the menu where all the channels are.

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    All I can do is use three buttons on he channels menu, and the motion cursor doesn't even show up. All the controllers I have are on the compatability list, and they worked perfectly fine just prior to the first step of the installation. So right after completing the first step of Mauifrog's tutorial I lost power and when I restarted my controllers would not function on the main channels menu.

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    Old post, and you have another.

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