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Thread: Successful region change 4.1j to 3.2e now what?

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    Successful region change 4.1j to 3.2e now what?

    Hi All, firstly sorry but i can't seem to see answers on this. Looking for some experienced answers.

    I had NTSC-J on 4.1 a few hours ago.

    I put on homebrew, then trucha pack, then IOS16-64-v257, then IOS 37 rev03, then region changer, then downgrader. After homebrew stage i put in PAL 1.9s wiikey update, as per a guide.

    Menus and stuff working - just weather and shop japanese when i click into them but assuming i use homebrew app to delete them.

    Here are my questions, please help!

    1) So, as far as guides go I now put in PAL wiikey config disc to get my wiikey working again (actually struggling with that atm but probably version or burn of disc, about to retry with 1.4 config). This has to be PAL tho yeh?

    2) My main query is what now, in regards to wii updates. I have a few official PAL games with updates, and wii fit board needs an update? Do i just allow online official update to that safe and will updates beyond 3.2 reverse all the trucha and IOS changes I made?

    3)I want to play my old backups, wii fit, and wii motion+...what is best way to do this - turn off disc updates, leave auto update, or vice versa, or neither of these options. You guys now use homebrew for updates and most stuff?

    Thanks, and thanks for all help from this and other forums.

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    Have seen Tealc99's post warning update to 4.0...if I do that IOS update will I be safe to play retail wii resort etc?

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    slight update: 1.4 PAL config just crashed my wii. I updated to system menu 4.0 thanks to Tealc99. Will try with padded 1.3 config tmrw (think was that is why it didnt work earlier. Tried a few games but none worked. Again I'm on jap wiikey, which i ran PAL 1.9s on before region change. Thanks.

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    Smile Ok, so we have now working wii again...

    I'd like to say that the relief is massive, and can also proudly say i wasted about 15 dvdrs.

    I finally got PAL 1.3 to work on 3.0e booting it via NeoGamma homebrew app. Just used the default settings->load from dvd. Such a joy to finally see the wiikey screen. (As i said 1.2 and 1.4 would load for a split second then no signal my dvd...and 1.3 just wouldnt be read by dvd the player....tried both PAL and JAP discs, 1x,3x...padded and non-padded.

    Neo Gamma from here:
    Latest version R7: from a different forum's download section - google.

    The disc that worked for me was GCOS multi (that previously hadn't worked without NeoGamma) but that was by chance the first of the 'dud' 1.3's i tried. I'm sure other 1.3 would work with neogamma too.

    Excellent. Now time to find out what version of firmware to go to, and what homebrew apps to install.

    Tested my wii quickly there with PAL and NTSC-U backup and PAL orig and gamecube PAL and working. Happy now.
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