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Thread: sd/usb loader 1.5 works USB Loader GX doesnt ..

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    sd/usb loader 1.5 works USB Loader GX doesnt ..

    ok sorry in advance i know you guys that have been doing this for some time get irritated with these newbie "?"'s but here come anoughter

    anywho i had softmodded my LU64 with the "lu64/65" guide and everything went fine, now i decided to use this guide to update it New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii and again so far so good other then it reboots insted of going to menu when you end a game .. anywho i wanted to use a usb loader so i dont have to keep burning dvd's and installed "USB Loader GX " with the redirect channel and loaded up a external HDD (Sabrent ECS-U35 with a maxor 120 gig10 gigs formated to fat32 for storagethe rest formated to WBFS) now usb loader gx does see the games no problim, but when I try to launch a game the wii just reboots.. so i decided to try out sd/usb loader 1.5 and it too see's the games no problim and will play most of them (only have like 5 games on it right now just testing) but when i tried to play need for speed undercover i get a 002 error .. and to tell you the truth i have been reading so meny looong loong thread and being new cant rember witch is witch , but remember reading something that with the "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii " that the loader must now handle the 002 fix... so i am kinda lost im guessing that usb loader gx does, but wont load on my system, and guessing that sd/usb loader 1.5 does not ? ... any help for this new ( guy? ....

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    ok so i found where i read the loader needs the 002 fix it was on the "home page" silly me ...
    cIOS38 rev14 was released yesterday night after a long wait, it fixes a lot of the bugs and adds some new features too.
    The 002 error fixing has been removed from the cios to improve speeds and is now left to the loader to implement, so get yourself an up to date loader!

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    so any ideas why my usb loader gx see's all the games , but reboots the wii as soon as i try to launch one? or should i just put the old cIOS back in and forget about loader gx ?

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    Use Coverfloader it had settings for each game were u can set oo2 fix and save . I hvaent been able to work out how to do it in USB Loader 1.5
    And USB Loader GX keeps giving me exception accured error .

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    Which rev of GX are you using? When I first started, I had rev674 which will either give me a black screen or kick me back out to the menu. I now have rev682 and its working fine. This is with cIOS38r14 on 3.2U.

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    I was the same as dunkin above but my system is 4.0u and rev682 is working for me really well.

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    thanks guys i ended up just going with "SD/USB Loader + Config + GUI mod" its running smooth now . not sure what version of gx i was running now it pissed me off so i just got rid of it lol


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