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Thread: ssbb error

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    ssbb error

    today i was playing smash bros brawl off of my usb drive and got the whole error remove disk turn off wii stuff. whats going on? i have error 002 fix.

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    btw this was right after the credits in classic mode if that helps

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    ok so i tried using cios36 rev10 instead and just a black screen. i am back to cios38 rev14 with no luck. could it be my ios? help!!!

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    i'm having the exact same problem, can't even play subspace b/c it crashes before it can even start a match. and a crash at the end of classic as well. ripped from the original disc using superdump and burned to a memorex dvd+rDL (5 pack was the only thing in my price range lol). so anybody who can help it's greatly appreciated, and i don't feel like downloading the dvd5 version lol

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    i think it may be a bug in cios38 rev 14 if thats what you running because i ran it on rev13 and it worked perfectly.


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