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Thread: is usb loader really worth it??

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    is usb loader really worth it??

    hey guys im testing the usb loader with the newest begining to wounder why im pulling out my haire for this..almost every game i put in there freeze's...or black screen....

    not all just i just loaded harry potter and it gave me a black screen afther like 15min..

    is it laways going to be like this??is it really worth it?

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    Which rev of uploader do you use? I use USB UploaderGX 1.0 Rev700, haven't found any problems yet...
    Wii 4.1U - PriiLoader v0.6 - Bootmii/IOS - HBC 1.0.8 - Wanin & Hermes cIOS
    USB LoaderGX 2.1 - Mighty Channels B6 - NeoGammaR9B47 - 320GB USB HDD
    PS3 CECHH00 - KMEAW CFW 3.55 - 5000GB HDD0 - 1TB USBHDD
    multiMAN 2.01.00

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    Its well worth it dude!

    I have an old elements 400GB drive with its entire space dedicated to the wii, in all cases it eliminates burning games at the correct speed and burns tha just wont run for no good reason.
    I have found that everygame I used to load on disk now runs smoother and loads quicker.
    My wii is an old bugger and the lazer doesnt like tracking copies, it just recently started to sound like a chainsaw and so the HDD gives it a break.
    I have never had a game freeze not even once.

    My advice would be to use original ISO's and a formatted and dedicated HDD (EASEUS is awsome for that) and then use "configurable USB loader". (its GUI and boxart autodownload feature is awsome).

    Hope it helps

    (will be willing to upload the "configurable USB loader" for you if you cant find it)

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    When I started last week, I was using rev674 of GX and was getting either black screen or kicked back out to the menu. Then hours later, rev682 came out and I gave that a go and everything's been good.

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    I would say its well worth it once you get it running. You no longer just read the names you get to see the boxs and if you dl the zip file it will include info on the game. I like it muchbetter no more worring about the kids ruining disc and they can pick the game out they want from the picture and not having to try and figure it outby reading. I recommend using rev682 like dunkin stated. I havent had any problem with it so far. It give you many option on how to boot your game with rev14. Many other rev of usbloader gx 1.0 had problem with rev 14 and multi partision hdd.

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    well i deleter de configurable usb chanel and loaded the newest usbloader gx.

    with a farwarder chanel esyer for the

    so any body have issues with harry potter?

    i will try to upgrade for rev682 to.thx

    \i will try other games to.

    i actually got rev 700
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    To get the rev 682 you have to dl the .dol and replace it with the on in your sd card
    sd/apps/usbloader gx

    If you want to back up to rev 682 by the above steps but if you look at there google code page for usb loader gx it will give you all the updates 700 has over other addition such as the rev 682

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    so the rev 700 is no good?

    i tryed mario galaxie and it freezes to..

    harry potter gives me a black screen at the end of the first missin?lol

    ahh man..

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    Some things to check;
    Is your HDD compatible with the Wii?
    USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    It is possible that your HDD is going into sleep mode.

    Are you using the 002 fix setting in Usbloader GX?

    There is a compatibilty list for what games work with the Usbloader.
    Google for it.

    Are you using a external power supply for your HDD?

    Don't forget the thanks button...

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    ok so the hard drive is not on the list but it works on 60% of the games..

    as for the 002 its off cause i usaly fix it manualy..

    and its an internal converted for external with a box.own power.

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