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Thread: Black and White issue

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    Black and White issue

    Hello, my name is Adam and this is my problem. I have a few games backed up (PAL games at the moment) and have them burned using IMGburn. When I go to play them they will rarely load and if they do it is in black and white, slightly fuzzy.

    This is the guide I used, followed precisely:

    I have tried just burning the straight iso, I have tried using wiibrickblocker, I have tried using regionfrii, and still to no avail.

    My Wii: is 4.1u and using all the settings preordained by the aforementioned guide. I would really appreciate any input.

    My next test is attempting to use a NTSC version and buying higher grade DVD-R discs as mentioned in various other areas of the forum. Thank you again.


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    most likely, its problems with the PAL games

    If you only have pal games... maybe look up how to change to PAL firmware?

    Also, you might wanna try GeckoOS.
    Just choose "Force NTSC" in the settings.

    Also, if you have backup gamma loader 0.3, hold 1 while opening channel and it'll open it's settings. From there, choose "Force NTSC".

    There are also many other programs that let you choose "Force NTSC" like neogamma, USB loader gx (you will need a WBFS formatted partition [it's not hard to do])... nearly every loader.

    The thign your probably doing wrong is not choosing to force NTSC. I haven't used those programs before, but most of the time, you have to change the settings to force NTSC or PAL.

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    Thanks for the input but I have tried forcing NTSC on two different types of backup loaders. I still think you're probably right, though. I have yet to find a reliable and fast downloadign source for non-PAL games so the wait is ridiculous to test them.


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