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Thread: new to this and need help

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    Us new to this and need help

    i have some questions so if you can please answer any that would be great
    prerequisite info- 1.i dont have an sd slot 2. im retarded (not literally)

    what i tried before-
    1.put files on usb
    2.transfer files from usb to sd on laptop (it is at a relatives house and they dont have wireless b/c laptop is for vacation i couldnt download straight to the sd)
    3.put all files on root of card (I
    4.put sd card in wii and went to sd channels; nothing showed up

    here we go..

    1. can i format my sd card to fat 16/32 on my computer if im using a usb adapter?

    2. does it matter that it is an sd card from a camera (stupid question) it holds 1g

    3. what do i need for homebrew if i dont have the twilight hack? so far i have hackmii installer, and some aad1f_v108 thing from bannerbomb

    4. what is gecko os for and do i really need it (i assume so b/c i dont have an sd slot...another stupid question)

    please help!

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    I think you should be able to format to format from an usb adapter
    2. No it does not matter that your sd card is from your camera
    3. Unzip the aadfv108 thing and you will get a folder called private put that on your sd card and you can do banner bomb instead of twilight hack.
    4. I think Gecko OS is for playing backups or something but no you dont need it, you can use NeoGamma Backup Loader and burn ISOs on a dvd-r and launch them from the loader

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    thank you!


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