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    Nice Hackers

    Hey all you nice hackers I need a favor from one of you.I have animal crossing city folks and I need some items its hard for me 2 find so can one of you nice hackers please help me out a little I dont have a cpu so I can't hack myself im willing to pay 50,000 bells cause that's all I have im kind of poor and I need some items so can one of u please help? OH AND please reply a way I can contact u like if u have aim,msn,or yahoo messanger. My fc is Accf fc:0989-5845-0774
    Town name: paradise

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    =_= you do know there is cheat codes for this kinda stuff, do you have homebrew?

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    My AC FC is 4082-4216-8156

    And my MSN is

    And keep your pathetic 50,000bells... We call that "litter" in my town.

    If you would read, the OP said they don't have a PC (although they called it a CPU). I'm assuming they are on the Wii internet channel or a DS on a neighbor's Wifi.

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    i wondered what he meant by cpu lol(yes i know what cpu is), but there is always the possibility that he could have had a friend with a comp and SD card


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