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Thread: wii 3.3e uk pal help needed

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    Question wii 3.3e uk pal help needed

    hi this is my first post had wii for 2 days now came with 3.3e uk on managed to get the homebrew channel on and installed wad manger i think thats what its called and the internet channel and i also got back up launcher works ok and also installed wii gator all this was done using the bannerbome expliot with hackmii installer now is there any thing else i will need to to make the hack better looked at downgrading to 3.2e but do not no where to start is there any other file i can put on 3.3e to make it any better ie more safer so i cant brick it any help much appreitad

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    Hi, have a look around, Bootmii is a good example but there are others that stop you bricking the console.
    Also when you burn your backup do not forget to run it through Brick Blocker.

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    hi thanks for the reply i have boot mii installed but not sure how it works i have also got preloader 0.29 on i think this stops me bricking it and helps to recover it is that right


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